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Environmental Consciousness

Doing our Part for the Environment

At Zaagkuilsdrift Bird Sanctuary and Lodge, we are aware of the inpact that we have on our surroundings. With that in mind we have systems in place at the lodge to ensure that we "REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE" if and where possible.

Another point that we take extremely seriously is the impact that we have on our wetlands. With this in mind, we ask guests to only make use of designated pathways and hides to view birds, this ensures that we protect bird nesting sites and natural habitats.

Have a look at some of the initiatives we have at the lodge that earns us our "Green Status"

Solar Panels on Trees

Solar Energy

Our lodge is completely "OFF THE GRID' and runs solely on renewable energy. 

We ask that guests please avoid overloading the system by using appliances like hair dryers.


All our waste at the lodge is separated and recycled accordingly. We also have a compost heap which replenishes our veggie garden and we even have pigs on the property that assist with waste management.

Recycling Bins
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